Why should I require vendors to be ISO-certified

  • ISO is direct substantiation of a company's financial and ethical commitment to provide high superiority safe products.
  • ISO certified companies maintain complete internal audit programs that demonstrate to customers the efficiency of their quality and environmental efforts.
  • ISO certified companies utilize systems that have been conventional for use by over 80 countries as effective means to achieve product quality and ecological stewardship.
  • ISO certified company’s manuscript, review, and approve product designs that meet pertinent safety, regulatory, and customer requirements.
  • ISO certified companies prove their system through audits by independent registrars. Registrars are governed by stringent international codes that dictate operating practices, audit methods, and employee’s qualifications. Failure to maintain quality program requirements will lead to de-certification by the registrar.
  • ISO certified company products reduce the require for the buyers to perform audits and reviews to determine if quality systems are in position and being maintained.
  • A certificate of analysis from an ISO certified company will be support by documented procedures and records that demonstrate its validity. This is particularly significant should a customer ever have a reason to question product quality.